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News Summary 7.07.18

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CMS.Gov: CMS taking action to modernize Medicare home health -- The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced plans to “strengthen and modernize Medicare” by focusing “on individual patient needs rather than volume of care.” The changes will include more remote patient options as well as better data sharing facilitation.

Modern Healthcare: New study finds positive Medicare Advantage results -- Medicare Advantage members are spending less time in nursing facilities after surgery, are less likely to be readmitted to hospitals, and less likely to become longterm nursing home residents than traditional Medicare members, according to a new report. The PLOS study also found that with “stronger care-management protocols” from Medicare Advance, there are fewer preventable hospitalization for patients.

Cancer May Be Preventable, But Screenings Are Needed

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Exciting new research revealed that cancer may not be unavoidable, as was previously thought.

A combination of healthy eating, exercise, quitting smoking, and a number of other factors could significantly reduce cancer risk. In other words, the spectre of cancer, previously an arbitrary and devastating diagnosis thought to be based on genetic lottery, could be preventable.

In addition to behavioral change, there needs to be a move to increase screenings so people are aware of the risk factors that could lead to them developing cancer. A 2015 HealthMine survey found that 37% of people don't know what cancer screenings they need to get and how often.

This is where wellness programs come in.

Despite the clear connection between certain activities, such as smoking, and the development of cancer, 74% of wellness programs currently do not screen for cancer. This data comes from a July 2016 HealthMine analysis of 750 wellness program participants.