Health Affairs: Step therapy’s introduction and concerns-“This is one of the more significant actions the administration has taken on drug pricing to date,” though there are at least three significant concerns with the proposal. These issues are mainly around patient impact, legal complications and unorthodox rhetoric around the proposal.

The San Diego Union-Tribune: “Fail first” drug plan for Medicare announced“Allowing step therapy for doctor-administrated drugs represents a significant change, especially since this class of medication often is used to treat serious illness such as cancer.” The ethics of the program have been called into question as well as the evidence to support the plan.

Vox: Trump administration’s drug plan takes marginal step to reduce prices-The step therapy plan announced last week affects 20 million seniors. In an attempt to create leverage to negotiate lower prices from drug makers, the plan gives insurance plans a little more control. “It’s a real, small step towards controlling costs.”