PBS: Sort Out Medicare Questions Before November:As open enrollment and the midterm elections approach, it is important to get the right answers to the questions concerning Medicare and health ahead of time. “Historically, nearly everyone has preferred to stick to the coverage they have, despite overwhelming evidence they could save money and get better care if they switched to other Medicare plans.”

Vox: Medicare-for-all Raises Questions As Midterms Near: There are conflicting reports and interpretations about the impact and cost of Medicare-for-all, or single payer health care, sparking debate before November’s midterm elections. “The pertinent questions for Medicare-for-all are whether the tax increases necessary to fund a single-payer program are politically tenable and how much providers would be paid under this new system.”

New York Times: Newly Designed Medicare Cards Slowly Being Issued: Medicare members have begun receiving their new Medicare cards this summer, an update originally mandated by Congress in 2015, though they have not been mailed to all states. The new Medicare cards are meant to be safer—the recipient’s Social Security number has been replaced with an 11-character Medicare number.