Continuous Health Engagement to Maximize Quality Improvement

PLEASE JOIN US– Thursday, November 21st, 2PM-3PM ET 

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Amy Lung, our COO, has teamed up with AHIP for an informative webinar:

Continuous Health Engagement to Maximize Quality Improvement. 

Managing the performance of your member population to meet quality improvement goals is very challenging when members are not continuously engaged, encouraged, and rewarded for completing health actions like preventive health screenings, annual doctor visits, or condition-specific tests. Knowing how and when to individually reach out to members at scale to improve Stars or quality measures, is critical to drive measurable quality care improvement and positively impact your bottom line.

This webinar will help you understand opportunities for targeting the entire member population to enhance your condition management efforts, maximize member engagement utilizing multiple modalities based on understanding the member’s lifestyle, and coordinate touch points to the member across your payer organization to avoid member abrasion and measure effectiveness of interventions. Additionally, we will walk through the 5 pillars of optimizing continuous health action engagement to improve member outcomes and enhance your bottom line.

Continuous health action requires creating an experience that allows members to know their health status, understand what health actions they need to do next and what’s in it for them – all essential to move the quality needle successfully and effectively while maintaining high member satisfaction.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Target high-value parts of member populations
  • Maximize engagement utilizing multiple modalities based on understanding the data
  • Coordinate touch points for intervention success and promoting member satisfaction
  • Create a data-driven member engagement strategy to maximize resources
  • Measure and continually monitor your interventions to see if they are impactful

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